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Fuel-efficient fast ferries in carbon fibre
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Seasight is a premium sightseeing vessel designed from
the ground up to give passengers a unique sightseeing experience.

Built in light weight carbon fiber with hybrid electric drive, makes
Seasight very energy efficient. 

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The Seasight interior
The interior design is made to create a calming atmosphere. Natural materials and tone down colours, 
creates a link to nature and highlights the outside view. All furniture is specially made for Seasight.


Seasight 450 pax



450 Passangers
Top speed 19 knots
Carbon fiber structure
Low wake slender hull
Life rafts: SurvitecZodiac
Gangway aft starboard side.
Bunker station starboard side at 21 meter.
Loose gangway both sides on front deck.
Seasight custom furniture delivered by West Mekan
Seasight interior.

DNV +1A1 HSLC R5 Passenger
Length overall                                                               42,4 m
Beam overall                                                                 15,2 m
Depth maindeck                                              3,80 / 3,95 m


Propulsion is tailored to the operation of each vessel for high energy effeciency. We can design diesel, electric or hybrid solutions. 


Vision of The Fjords
Built 2016 for The Fjords, Norway


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