Brodrene AA
Fuel-efficient fast ferries in carbon fibre



Energy effeciency

Built in light weight carbon fibre sandwich, featuring an advanced slender hull, the Passenger line consists of highly fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly vessels. By utilizing the advantages of  carbon fibre reinforced composites, the structural weight is reduced by 40% over aluminium. 

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High quality 

In Brødrene Aa we are commited to deliver outstanding quality on every detail of the boat. We maintain a team of highly experienced engineers and shipbuilders who have been pioneering the construction of carbon fibre vessels since 2001. The carbon fibre material is highly durable and requires less maintenance than vessels made of metal.



Due to a flexible construction method, the vessels can be designed to meet operational requirements of both protected waters and open sea conditions. Our production molds have two different modes, regular and high, which allows for a tailored design while optimizing structural weight and keeping production costs low.


Brødrene Aa Passenger models


Length      40,0 m
Beam        10,8 m
Depth          3,8 m
Draft             1,2 m

Length      35,0 m
Beam          9,8 m
Depth          3,8 m
Draft             1,2 m

Length      29,9 m
Beam          8,8 m
Depth          3,8 m
Draft             1,2 m


Length      23,9 m
Beam          8,2 m
Depth          3,2 m
Draft             1,0 m

Length      21,0 m
Beam          7,5 m
Depth         2,5 m
Draft           0,9 m


Proven product

Brødrene Aa has built composite ferries since the 70s. From 2001 we have been pioneering the industry with our carbon fibre high speed ferries, delivering over 50 vessels domestic and abroad. Our boats are built to the IMO HSC 2000 code and have been classed by DNVGL, CRS and CCS